Tights V Socks

Almost every morning my daughters would come to me and ask me “mom where are my socks?” The same question week after week and month after month and every morning I would tell them to look in the drawer where their socks were kept.  The problem wasn’t that they couldn’t find any socks the problem was they couldn’t find any socks that matched. How can you wash two pair of socks and end up with just one still baffles me, but in my house that’s how it was all the time. To remedy that problem I started buying my daughters fashion tights. No more mismatched socks and no more socks being eaten by the dyer monster.

The great part about fashion tights is that there are so many choices, opaque, or footless. You can also buy them in bold patterns, pretty lace and other great textures. I think they all work well with any shoe style and they come in hundreds of colors, patterns and shades and are relatively inexpensive.  The price usually averages around $5.00 to $50 buck. Most are usually made from nylon, cotton and a Lycra blend. Lycra allows the fabric to stretch and snap back into place and they can be purchased in almost any retail store.  Another reason I choose tights over socks is that completely cover your legs socks don’t do that.

For me, it has been one of the best clothing investments that I ever made. My daughters still love the versatility and convenience that wearing tights affords them.  I stopped having to always replace socks and eventually got rid of all of the boring mismatched ones that were taking up drawer space. I tell all of my friends who have girls to invest in tights over socks because you never have a mismatched pair of tights.  

Fishnet Tights

A friend of mine once told me that sexy is as sexy does. Sounds kind of lame, but it’s true. Sexy is as sexy does.  If you want to be the woman who walks in the room and everybody is checking out let me tell you one of oldest and inexpensive ways to be that woman. A Sexy woman is a confident woman, and when you look sexy you feel sexy. A woman’s legs have always been noted as one of the sexiest and most desirable parts of her anatomy second only to her breast. What is even sexier are legs covered in fishnet tights?  For centuries fishnet stockings and tights have been synonymous with sexy, you don’t have to be a burlesque star, femme fatale or an entertainer to rock a pair of sexy fishnet tights.

Fishnets are available in a multitude of colors although it seems that traditional black appears to be the most popular. Fishnets are commonly worn as a fashion statement or simply as a matter of artistic choice. Fishnet tights can enhance and define your curves because the lattice pattern accentuates your sexy legs.

Fishnets are not only sexy they are versatile. You can wear colored opaque tights under your thigh high fishnet tights.  You may not love how your legs look bare, but layering them with fishnets under a colorful pair of opaque tights will make you feel sexier. Another sexy an inexpensive tip that a friend of mine was told me was that you could use a lit cigarette to create “distressed” tights.  Distressed tights are tights or stockings that are strategically torn.  The heat sears the edges and your tight/stockings won’t run and the hole won’t get any larger. Fishnet tights will instantly help you get your sexy back and you will love your investment.

Color Tights

Close your eyes and imagine a rainbow, set within a rainbow, and then throw in some shades of that rainbow and add it the previously existing rainbow. It’s peaceful, calming and sort of serene. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to open your drawer or your closet and immediately have your eyes drawn to a cornucopia of color in every variance and shade. Your own personal rainbow, but the reality is that most of us can’t afford to have anything in every color, but we can come really close by purchasing the fastest growing and hottest fashion accessory in fashion today.  Any wardrobe can be changed from a fashion no to a fashion yes with fashion tights.

As a working mother, tights have become a main staple in both of my daughter’s wardrobe.  It’s a great accessory it changes the look of each outfit.  It’s always appropriate and they go well with dresses, skirts, and pants. When your daughter is wearing a micro-mini it’s a little added piece of mind. Trust me it’s a lot better than your teenage daughter wearing the mini without a pair of tights. Nowadays you can buy tights with appliqué, with glitter, distressed, laced, patterned, striped or standard. How and what you wear them with is only limited by your imagination. The best part of owning tights is the easy maintenance.

Fashion tights are the easiest and fastest way to own your personal rainbow, a necessary fashion accessory in every color, pattern and shade that you desire, and they are relatively inexpensive.  Tights are usually made from nylon, cotton and a Lycra blend. Lycra allows the fabric to stretch and snap back into place.  Fashion tights can be purchased in almost any retail store. As with anything quality is contingent on cost, fabric and construction of your tights.  

 Fashion Tights

We don’t look a like we don’t act alike so why should we dress alike? Individualism in a world of conformity is freedom in every sense of the word. Fashion is and always will be one of the greatest forms of communicating style and personality. Fashion is an eclectic mix of everything that represents who you are and who you want to be.  It is fact and fantasy it is an image that everyone who comes in contact with you will remember and fashion is only limited by your imagination.

In a society where most of us shop off the rack isn’t it nice to know that there are accessories that can take an item of clothing and go from bland to “BAM”?  Creating looks that are unique while adhering to the latest styles and trends and sometimes starting new ones. One of the fastest growing and most versatile of these trend-setting accessories is tights, which have gone from plain and bland to fashionable and sexy. Today’s fashion tights are not the tights of “yesteryear”.

When I was a kid, I remember wearing tights under my catholic school uniform and they weren’t pretty or fashionable, they were functional, basic in style and color, black, white and navy blue.  I wore them often during the winter months because they were warmer than knee high socks.  Retrospectively, it’s funny now because I was actually excited when the hosiery industry manufactured them in red, and green. That was then and this is now, today’s fashion dictates change and screams individuality. Skirts and dresses are shorter and tights are a welcome accessory for self-expression, and style.  

Today’s hosiery are fashionable, an extension of your personality, expressive, fun, flirty and sexy. They come in a vast array of styles, hues, patterns, and textures. There is a pair for every occasion, whether you are going out with friends, a BBQ, a concert or work, there is a style, pattern and a hue for anyone regardless of income or gender. Not only do they come in a variety of styles and colors, you can find them in a price range that is affordable for you. Many department stores have special hosiery departments to display hot designers like, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and Dolce Gabbana. What I personally have found is that people tend to think that the more expensive the product the more indestructible it is but $10 dollar pair of tights tear as easily as $50 dollar pair. Another great aspect about them is that they are easy to maintain. No expensive dry cleaning or special instructions.  Rinse with either warm or cold water, use a mild detergent, dry and wear.  This usually preserves the color and pattern texture, I also recommend air-drying over standard heat dryers to prevent shrinkage.  

Ladies no matter what your personal style is there is something for you in the world of tights.  My only advice is don’t limit yourself, choose patterns and styles that flatter your body type and be creative.


According to the United States Department of Labor 59.2 percent of women age 16 an over were labor force participants—working or looking for work and that women are projected to account for 51.2 percent of the increase in total labor force growth between 2008 and 2018. As a workingwoman, you want to convey professionalism, style and individuality.  Unfortunately the higher your career aspirations the more limited you are in your clothing choices.  The image of professionalism is usually conveyed with the traditional suit either pants or skirt and dresses, and generally in basic boring colors like gray, blue, brown and black. Any wardrobe can be transformed into something exciting demonstrating personal style and personality with fashion tights.  

Fashion tights are like make-up for your legs. Think about it, without make up your face is an empty palette and while natural is beautiful, a touch of color enhances your natural beauty. Same principle applies to your legs.  While there is something sexy about a pair of smooth bare legs especially with a great pedicure, more often than not its not appropriate in the work place.  While, sexy in most cases does not make the cut and certainly should not be equated with professionalism.  There is no doubt that image plays a large part in how others perceive you. A great pair of tights adds versatility and is a fresh new makeover for your outfit. By adding a little color, a new pattern, your legs are enhanced and this small fashion detail can transform dull professional into exciting professional. Demonstrating to your superiors that you’re smart, beautiful and that you can think outside of the box.  So if you don’t have a lot of money and want to change your existing work gear into something fabulous invest the smart money in fashion tights.

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