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To Wear Stockings or Tights?

A good number of women choose to wear stockings or tights instead of socks. On the other hand they may just decide to wear neither of them. However, some workplaces make it mandatory for their employees to keep their legs covered at all times. Then the question arises, should you wear stockings or tights?

Tights are designed to cover the whole leg and the hip in one piece of clothing. Therefore, they blend in well with both skirts and pants and also add a professional touch when it comes to meeting the terms of your office dress code. Stockings however, are believed to be more stylish but they may not fulfill the requirements of the dress code. They are also regarded as more comfortable than tights as they reach the mid thigh.
Choosing between stockings and tights sensibly is in no way different from deciding on the right colors acceptable in the workplace. A specific form is always anticipated. Usually, black or neutral tights or stockings of full length, worn with an official suit or skirt is considered to be the norm in the workplace. Therefore, opting to wear stockings calls for the need to stick to conventional dressing.

Also, the time of the year may determine whether you shall wear tights or stockings. Most women find tights to be uncomfortable during summer. Stockings on the other hand, are seen to be a nuisance during winter.
To be extremely sure and prepared, it is a good idea to have both stockings as well as tights in your wardrobe. For your professional needs, you may wear longer skirts with stockings to efficiently hide the top of the stockings. With those few tips you will not go wrong in making the tough decision on whether to wear stockings or tights.


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